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All the Gear – Great idea!

kitround is fast becoming THE place to buy and sell pregamed sportswear and sports equipment. An online stash of sporting goods to get you inspired and back on the pitch.

Maximise Game Time
One of our core goals is to have a positive impact on the environment: maximising game time for sports kit. Millions of households are storing outgrown, no-longer used kit. Stuck under stairs or forgotten in drawers. Most of it only played for a season, when there’s plenty of game time left.

Unleash Future Sports Stars
We also know too many kids give up sport around the age of 13, either because of societal, environmental or financial constraints. And research shows that kids who play sport, or get regular exercise, feel fitter, enjoy better self-esteem, body perception and less likely to suffer depression and anxiety.

Let’s make that a reality for all young people.
Dust off your pregamed sports boots, running kit, tennis rackets and yoga mats today and LIST them. You could unleash a child’s inner sports star today!

Let’s do this!