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kitround keeps kit in the round. Like a ball. Think, tennis ball, basketball, football… you get the idea. It’s a round thing. kitround is a full circle economy. We call it circularity.

List * Sell * Reduce waste * Donate * Back in the Game * Play * Outgrow/Move on * List * Sell * Reduce waste * Donate * Back in the Game…

Together we get preloved sports kit, clothes, boots and equipment back in the game. Passing from player to player. Minimising make. Minimising waste. Maximising regame.


Sport unifies. From the players and fans, to dads reliving the glory days, nans dropping off on match day and mums coordinating practice, to coaches, umpires, medics, physios, volunteers, talent spotters, sponsors and whistle-wielding refs; you are a community of talent, commitment and might. An active force for good for people and planet. Now that’s something to get behind.

From us to you… thank you!