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Get your sports kit back in the game

kitround makes regaming possible. The first platform dedicated to buying and selling preloved sports kit, equipment and boots.

Football Rugby Cricket Tennis Hockey Athletics infact…

Any sport. Any size. Any gender.

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Join our mission to regame sports kit, boots and equipment, remove barriers to sport and reduce waste

Whether its football boots scoring another goal, cricket whites chalking up a cheeky run or track trainers sprinting for victory.  

Social Impact

We want to eradicate the barriers to sport for kids, adults, girls, and underserved communities who can’t afford kit to play the game they love.

Community Impact

Every sports kit sale has the potential to mean more money for grassroots sporting charities and foundations. You choose how much and who gets it.

Environmental Impact

Minimise negative impact, maximise the positives. Regaming preloved sports kit rather than it heading to landfill, wherever possible reduce delivery kitmiles on every purchase.

A shocking waste

Imagine 10.2 million people. (that’s how many currently play football in the UK)

Now, imagine their football boots laid toe to heel in a long line. It would stretch 5,406 km! That’s like going around the M25, 46 times!  

That’s a lot of boots to waste once they’re outgrown or unwanted.

kitround will get them back in the game.

Join our community and get sports kit back in the game