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Sustainability is key

Who needs new, when there are so many sporting greats hidden in cupboards and shoe racks?

Trainers ready for track. Boots braced to score. Rackets poised to volley.

You’ve seen images of waste piles in landfill? Old football boots and preloved sports kit already contribute too much to those piles.

Sport and exercise contributes £39 billion to the UK’s economy. That’s not just people paying memberships and match fees, that’s millions of us opting for new trainers, boots, sportswear and equipment. Every year.

We’ve got a better idea! Preloved plays harder. Our wish is that by getting preloved sports kit back in the game, we get kit in the hands and boots on the feet of future stars, the “have-a-go Dads” and bright, young teams with big dreams, to help reduce the future footprint of sports waste in landfill and cut the need to burn waste, resulting in nasty incineration emissions.