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Wimbledon – things you didn’t know!!

by kitround

The Wimbledon Championships are just around the corner and as we gear up for another exhilarating tournament, we thought we’d serve up (!) some fun facts about the most prestigious tennis event in the world.

  1. Hands-on Strawberries & Cream 

Did you know it’s frowned on to eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon with a fork or spoon?

Wimbledon tradition dictates that this summer treat should be gobbled up with your fingers. So, you have full permission to ditch the tools and dive in!

  1. The Royal Affair

Wimbledon is known for its royal connections, with members of the British royal family often making an appearance on Centre Court.

In fact, attending the Wimbledon final has become quite the royal affair. From Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret in years gone by, to King Charles III and the Princess of Wales, with youngsters Princess Charlotte and Prince George, the royal box positively bubbles over with nobility, adding a sense of occasion to an already exciting day of tennis.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they decide who gets to attend?

Rock, paper, scissors anyone?

  1. Grass Maintenance

Ever wondered how the grass at Wimbledon always looks so pristine? With the world’s gaze on the courts, it’s no surprise that they’re meticulously maintained throughout the tournament.  In fact, the All England Lawn Tennis Club employs a team of “court mowers” to trim the grass to the perfect height of 8 millimetres every single day. 

Now, that’s attention to detail.

  1. Welcome to Henman Hill (Or is it Murray Mount?)

Many fans are confused about the infamous grassy hill where people gather to watch the matches on giant screens. Originally, it was called Henman Hill in honour of former British player Tim Henman. However, after Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon win in 2013, it was unofficially renamed Murray Mount. 

Whatever you call it, the atmosphere there is electric.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for the next set of British tennis talents, and there are some impressive men and women coming up through the ranks. 

Perhaps 2024 will be the year Murray Mount is renamed?

  1. O-fish-all Dress Code

Wimbledon is renowned for its strict dress code – it’s the only major tennis tournament that requires players to dress in white – but did you know that even the fish have a dress-code? 

In the ponds around the grounds, only white fish appear, ensuring a consistent look throughout the venue.

  1. Umbrella Protocol

Being a British tournament, Wimbledon is bound to have rules about umbrellas. And if this year’s rainfall is anything to go by, umbrellas will be out in force.

You guessed it, Wimbledon has strict protocols when it comes to umbrella usage. If rain does interrupt play – I know, shocker – and you happen to have an umbrella with you, just remember – you can only raise it if you’re sitting at the back of the court.

No blocking anyone’s view please.  Hawk-Eye’s not for everyone!

  1. Equal Match Pay

Wimbledon is steeped in tradition, and one notable factor is the prize money. 

Did you know the winners of the men’s and women’s singles receive equal prize money? Yes, really.

In 2007, Wimbledon became the first Grand Slam to offer gender equality in terms of prize money, breaking barriers and setting an example for other tournaments worldwide.

From finger lickin’ strawberries to umbrellas and royal sightings, Wimbledon really is the epitome of the British summer.  

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Game, Set, Match!

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